Saturday, July 9, 2011

Asus K60IJ Doesn't play dvds!!!?

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY!!! I have had my Asus for a little over a year now. Minor glitches every now and again. Suppose that's what you should expect with a PC. Overall happy with my purchase. However, recently I tried to burn a dvd using windows dvd burner. Burned a little bit, then said there was an error. Next tried to play store bought dvds with no scratches or defects. Dvds play fine on a dvd player, other computers, but not on my drive. Cd's play fine. Asked Asus & Microsoft. Got downloads from both but I still have the same problem. Need an honest and simple answer before I take the computer back to Best Buy and get the dvd/cd rom checked out. Need my computer for work so any time without it is a real hindrance. This will be my last resort before I explore that option. Downloaded Vlc, Cyberlink, Asus win bd(?) player and classic windows player, all to no avail. Downloaded drivers and codecs and I still cannot play dvds. They used to play just fine. All I had to do was insert the dvd and it would play automatically, now all I hear and feel is the drive rotating, but never playing. Plays cds all right and data discs fine, but dvds are a problem. Have no problem playing movies and programs stored on my hard drive, btw. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ASUS is really irking me with their lack of clear and concise troubleshooting and program downloads and updates, btw. But anyone with good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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